Project Postcard

We're currently collecting postcards to give away during the Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 semesters.  Our goal is 1,500!  Please request your postcards below.

What is Project Postcard?

Being a student can be stressful. Papers to write, presentations to make, grades to keep up, rent to pay, jobs to work, social obligations… It’s a lot. (You remember, right?) But sometimes just knowing there’s someone out there who knows what it’s like can help a student power through. Plus, who doesn’t love getting mail!

Brighten a University of Alberta student’s day by dropping them a quick note using one of our postcards. Return your completed postcard to us via the postage-paid envelope and we’ll distribute it to a student on campus to give them a boost.



What should I write in my message?

Anything! Whatever you write, just keep the tone light and friendly.

For example, share your:
  • Secret campus study spot (“HUB/FAB pedway. Shhh, don’t tell!”)
  • Tips for school-life balance (“Be sure to hit the gym twice a week to blow off some steam!”)
  • Campus memories (“One time I danced through puddles behind PowerPlant after my killer Chem final. So fun!”)
  • Or just a kind word of encouragement (“Hey there. I was a student once and I know sometimes it’s tough.”)
How do I know who will receive my card?

Unfortunately, you don’t. That’s why it’s best to be keep your message general so it will be understood by any student, of any gender, studying in any field.

What if I want to write postcards for many students?

Great! We’ll send you as many as you’d like to write. Just let us know how many you need when you submit your request.

How do I get my postcard to students on campus?

Return completed postcards to us using the supplied postage paid envelope and we’ll take care of the rest.

When will the student receive my postcard?

Postcards will be distributed to students throughout the semester at various events. Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates.
Note: all postcards will be reviewed by Alumni Relations staff before being distributed to students. Any deemed inappropriate will be recycled.

I’d like to help students out even more; how can I get involved?

Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to learn about other ways you can connect with or mentor UAlberta students.
Learn more about how you can help students handle the challenges of university life.


Contact Volunteer Program
Office of Alumni Relations