Alumni Student Council

What is Alumni Student Council?

Alumni Student Council bridges the gap between alumni and students, provides student perspectives on Alumni Association activities and events, and promotes awareness of the Association and what we have to offer to the student body. We create opportunities for student and alumni engagement by supporting and developing student programs.

Why become a member of Alumni Student Council?

Alumni Student Council is a great way to get involved on campus, but will also give you exposure to experiences and benefits that will serve you beyond your degree:

  • Volunteer & committee experience
  • Learn how to budget and manage grant funds
  • Work closely with Alumni Council to provide advice and help determine programming
  • Expand your networks beyond your peers into the professional sector with leaders of our community
  • Develop public speaking and communication skills
  • Tap into leadership opportunities
  • Represent your school - advocate on behalf of your university

What can I expect as an Alumni Student Council member?

Student members help with the following projects:

  • Thrice annually adjudicate grant applications (read, score and attend funding meetings) *
  • Provide feedback on student engagement programming and initiatives
  • Attend grant-funded events/projects and reports back to the group
  • Plan a student-run initiative that contributes back to campus in some way
  • Help recruit the next group of ASC members
  • Attend Alumni Council meetings as a non-voting member
  • Flag interesting student initiatives and opportunities for alumni to attend, speak at, or become involved with
  • Help choose the alumni gift to the graduating class

* The grant application deadlines are currently set for Sept. 30, Jan. 31, and Jun. 30. Participation in the adjudication of grants, which usually takes place 1-2 weeks after the deadline, is a mandatory component of membership on Alumni Student Council.

Time Commitment

ASC members can expect to meet one evening per month for approximately two hours, with dinner provided. Additionally, student members are expected to select 1-2 of the grant-funded initiatives to attend and report on at the following ASC meeting. Students may also be asked to host a table (eg. Week of Welcome, Clubs Fair) or speak at (eg. On Your Way) certain events on behalf of ASC and the Alumni Association.