UAlberta Venture Mentoring Service


The University of Alberta Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) supports student and alumni entrepreneurs who aspire to set up high-impact ventures in the region—both for-profit and non-profit. It is modelled after the highly successful Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) program.

Regardless of whether your venture is focused on information technology, consumer products and services, social issues, culture/art, environmental causes or something else entirely, VMS can help. You just need an exciting idea and the passion to bring it to life.

VMS pairs entrepreneurs with a team of volunteer mentors from the UAlberta alumni community who are experienced in business development, are seeking meaningful volunteer opportunities and have a desire to engage with passionate entrepreneurs across a diverse range of ventures.

Our alumni have an incredible range of experiences to draw on, as well as a strong desire to help students and fellow alumni. If you are interested in making an impact—be it through building an entrepreneurial venture or through mentoring the next generation of innovators—then VMS might be right for you.

UAlberta students and alumni have a proven track record of being innovative, passionate and successful innovators and entrepreneurs. The 2013 Alumni Impact Survey revealed that university alumni have collectively founded 70,258 organizations globally, creating more than 1.5 million jobs and generating annual revenues of $348.5 billion. It also showed that one-third of these organizations are non-profit or have a social, environmental or cultural focus.

In Alberta, and Edmonton in particular, there is growing interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. UAlberta students and alumni have demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit, and VMS is meant to provide these entrepreneurs with the guidance and mentorship to get themselves, and their venture, to the next level.