Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Strategic Plan


A Governance and Infrastructure supportive of the Department’s vision, mission, functions and activities.


Communications that keeps our zone-wide workforce up to date and knowledgeable on departmental matters, our public informed on departmental performance, and heightens the Department’s profile.

Information Management

A zone-wide Information Management strategy integrated with government and university systems and encompassing futuristic trends.

Office of Research

An Office of Research supportive of zone-wide departmental research endeavours with an appropriate infrastructure and a nucleus of accomplished researchers.

Office of Education

An Office of Education that furthers zone-wide educational aspirations and requirements of the Department.

Quality & Patient Safety

An Office of Quality and Patient Safety that enshrines safety, requires vigilance, tracks results and improves patient care and outcomes.


Subspecialization that optimizes patient care, anesthesiologist satisfaction, zone-wide efficiencies and effectiveness, and is reflective of the Department’s name.


Partnerships, alliances, networks and relationships that further the realization of the Department’s vision and goals.

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