Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Our people

Achen, Blaine
Assistant Clinical Professor
Auld, Michael
Associate Clinical Professor
Baldonado, Narciso
Clinical Lecturer
Balisky, Keith Clinical Research Assistant UAH
Barker, Andrew Assistant Clinical Professor
Barnard, Eduard Assistant Clinical Professor
Bateman, Kendall Assistant Clinical Professor
Behmanesh, Saeid Clinical Lecturer
Beisel, Susan
Financial Assistant
Bercovich, Marvin Clinical Lecturer
Bergstrom, RG Associate Clinical Professor
Berube, Joel Assistant Clinical Professor
Bhachu, Santokh Assistant Clinical Professor
Bhalla, Raveen Assistant Clinical Professor
Bishop, Edward Associate Clinical Professor
Bobart, Vonda Clinical Lecturer
Bohn, James Clinical Lecturer
Booysen, Corne Clinical Lecturer
Bostick, Geoffrey Assistant Adjunct Professor
Bourque, Stephane Assistant Professor
Boyle, Riley Clinical Lecturer
Breitling, Magnus Assistant Clinical Professor
Broemling, Sunita Clinical Lecturer
Brown, Alexander Clinical Lecturer
Brown, Russell Associate Clinical Professor  STUR
Bucyk, Brent Assistant Clinical Professor  RAH
Buss, Michael  Associate Clinical Professor  UAH 
Calvert, Robert Clinical Lecturer  GNH 
Campbell, Elroy  Clinical Lecturer  QEII 
Campbell, Jeffery Clinical Lecturer  RAH 
Cave, Dominic  Clinical Professor STO 
Chaba, Darci Administrative Assistant (Office of Education) UAH 
Chan, Douglas  Clinical Lecturer MCH
Charlton, Jeff Clinical Lecturer  RAH 
Chen, Danny Assistant Clinical Professor  MCH 
Cheng, Alan Clinical Lecturer RAH 
Cheng, Ronald Assistant Clinical Professor  UAH 
Chiarella, Angelo  Associate Clinical Professor  RAH 
Chin, James  Clinical Lecturer RAH 
Chou, Eric  Clinical Lecturer RAH 
Christ, Albert Associate Clinical Professor RDRH 
Chung, Brendon  Clinical Lecturer GNH 
Cisar, Patrick  Assistant Clinical Professor RAH 
Clark, Heather Secretary (patient safety & quality) UAH 
Cohen, Matthew  Associate Clinical Professor RAH 
Colcy, Elizabeth Clinical Lecturer STO
Dick, Bruce  Professor UAH 
Dillane, Derek  Associate Professor UAH
Doyle, Kathleen  Associate Clinical Professor MCH 
Drader, Keith  Assistant Clinical Professor RAH
Dupuis, Joseph  Assistant Clinical Professor RAH
DuVal, DB  Clinical Professor RAH
Eliasson, Teresa  Associate Clinical Professor STO
Ewanchuk, Mark Associate Clinical Professor GNH 
Faccenda, Kathryne  Associate Clinical Professor UAH
Farries, Alayne Associate Clinical Professor RDRH 
Fedorow, Christine Assistant Clinical Professor RAH 
Fielding, Ariane  Assistant Clinical Professor MCH 
Finegan, Barry  Professor UAH
Flexer, William  Assistant Clinical Professor MCH 
Ford, Victor Assistant Clinical Professor GNH 
Freed, Adam  Assistant Clinical Professor GNH 
Fuger, Jason  Clinical Lecturer MCH
Gamez, Ryan  Clinical Lecturer MCH 
Gelinas, Jean Pierre Assistant Clinical Professor QEII 
George, Anthony  Clinical Lecturer UAH 
Gilchrist, Ainslie  Clinical Lecturer MCH
Godlewski, Bart  Clinical Lecturer GNH 
Goranson, Blair  Clinical Lecturer  RDRH 
Gragasin, Ferrante  Clinical Professor RAH 
Gray, Dan  Clinical Professor UAH 
Green, James  Associate Clinical Professor  UAH 
Gregg, Kevin  Clinical Lecturer RAH 
Groat, Meagan Secretary (OR Scheduler) UAH 
Gu, Yuqi  Clinical Lecturer MCH 
Gupta, Sunil  Assistant Clinical Professor  RAH 
Halliday, Susan  Clinical Lecturer  UAH 
Hardy, Dorothy  Assistant Clinical Professor  MCH 
Haugen, Richard D  Clinical Professor  STO 
Hawkins, Kenneth Clinical Lecturer GNH 
Hoda, Syed Clinical Lecturer MCH 
Hoeppner, Elizabeth Clinical Lecturer STO 
Hogan, Michael Associate Clinical Professor UAH 
Holinski, Paula Assistant Clinical Professor UAH 
Hrazdil, G Clinical Lecturer RAH
Huang, Lucy Assistant Clinical Professor UAH 
Hudson, Robert J  Clinical Professor UAH
Hui, Carolyn  Assistant Clinical Professor RAH 
Ip, Vivian Associate Clinical Professor UAH 
Kapitoulski, Boris Assistant Clinical Professor  RDRH 
Kearney, Ramona  Associate Dean/PGME, Professor UAH 
Kembhavi, Nikhil Assistant Clinical Professor  RAH 
Kerr, Bradley  Associate Professor, Adjunct Assistant Professor (Pharmacology)  UAH 
Kindzierski, Robert  Clinical Lecturer  RAH 
Klassen, Neil Clinical Professor  RAH
Klinck, Jennifer  Clinical Lecturer  RAH
Knezevich, Mark Assistant Clinical Professor RAH 
Knight, Brian  Clinical Professor  MCH
Koller, John  Assistant Clinical Professor UAH 
Kosick, Thomas Clinical Lecturer RDRH 
Kovithavongs, Kay Postgraduate Program Administrator (Office of Education) UAH 
Kropelin, Bruce  Assistant Clinical Professor  GNH 
Kruzenga, Laura Secretary (Fellows billing) UAH 
Kulkarni, Pradeep  Associate Clinical Professor  STO 
Kwetny, Igor Assistant Clinical Professor  RDRH 
Kwon, Elena  Clinical Lecturer  GNH 
LaFontaine, Alika  Clinical Lecturer  QEII 
Lalonde, Megan  Clinical Lecturer  RAH 
Largoza, Josef Clinical Lecturer  NLCH
Lazar, Edward Assistant Clinical Professor GNH 
Leighton-Lane, Dayna  Clinical Lecturer  GNH
Leung, Tanya  Assistant Clinical Professor RAH 
Lilley, John  Clinical Professor  RAH
Lucchinetti-Zaugg, Eliana  Associate Adjunct Professor UAH
MacDonald, Ian  Assistant Clinical Professor  RAH 
Maragh, Vashti  Assistant Clinical Professor  UAH 
Marchak, Elaine  Associate Clinical Professor  STO 
Marois, Judith Clinical Lecturer  QEII 
Matthey, Peter  Assistant Clinical Professor  MCH 
McGowan, Liam  Clinical Lecturer QEII 
Moyo, Jabulani  Clinical Lecturer UAH 

Muneer, Maliha

Clinical Research Coordinator UAH
Muzyka, David Assistant Clinical Professor  RAH 
Nadwidny, Laurie  Clinical Lecturer  RAH
Needham, Craig Assistant Clinical Professor GNH 
Neufeld, Angela  Clinical Lecturer  UAH
Ng, Ambrose  Clinical Lecturer MCH 
Nickolet, Sarah  Clinical Lecturer RAH 
Noble, Colin  Assistant Clinical Professor  RAH 
Noonan, Liza  Clinical Lecturer RAH 
Nowak, Lorraine Executive Assistant to the Chair UAH
Nunes, Abilio Assistant Clinical Professor  GNH 
O'Leary, Thomas  Assistant Clinical Professor  UAH 
Osmond, Colette  Clinical Lecturer  STUR
Ozelsel, Timur Associate Clinical Professor UAH
Paetsch, Paul  Assistant Clinical Professor  GNH 
Pash, Joel  Assistant Clinical Professor  MCH 
Paterson, Scott  Clinical Professor RAH
Patil, Deepali Assistant Clinical Professor  MCH 
Perez, Alex  Associate Clinical Professor  RAH 
Petriw, Boris  Assistant Clinical Professor RAH 
Popoff, Jeffrey Clinical Lecturer RAH
Quapp, Russell Clinical Lecturer RAH 
Quinn, Michael  Assistant Clinical Professor  RAH 
Ramsey, Bruce  Associate Clinical Professor  RAH
Rashiq, Saifee  Professor UAH
Reid, Kathleen  Clinical Lecturer UAH 
Reid, Sue Assistant Clinical Professor GNH
Rimmer, Tara  Clinical Lecturer  MCH 
Roopnundh, Anita  Assistant Clinical Professor  MCH 
Rudge, Trevor  Clinical Lecturer  RDRH 
Rudolph, Florian  Clinical Lecturer  STO
Ruiz Escuder, Juan Assistant Clinical Professor UAH
Russell, Stephanie  Administrative Professional Officer (APO) UAH
Rutz, Ingrid  Secretary (pediatrics) STO
San Martin-Feeney, Daniella  Research Assistant (Office of Research) UAH
Sandhu, Harminder Associate Clinical Professor  RAH 
Sawicka, Anna Communications Coordinator UAH
Scheelar, Leslie Assistant Clinical Professor  GNH 
Schneider, Oliver Clinical Lecturer RAH
Seal, Rob  Clinical Professor STO
Seguin, Patrick Clinical Lecturer STO 
Shaw, Andrew Professor and Department Chair  UAH
Sidhu, Surita  Clinical Professor  UAH
Simmonds, Mark  Clinical Professor UAH
Simmonds, Matthew  Associate Clinical Professor GNH 
Singh, Sarab  Clinical Lecturer STUR
Smith, Graeme Clinical Lecturer RAH
Snider, Douglas  Assistant Clinical Professor  RAH 
Sobolev, Igor Associate Clincial Professor UAH 
Soong, John Assistant Clinical Professor MCH 
Sowa, Bernard  Assistant Clinical Professor MCH 
Steel, Graham  Associate Clinical Professor STO
Stetsko, Samuel Assistant Clinical Professor  RAH 
Strydom, Carin  Clinical Lecturer  QEII 
Taam, Jason  Associate Clinical Professor  UAH
Tang, Cathy  Assistant Clinical Professor  STO 
Terblanche, Neels Clinical Lecturer RAH
Ting, Heather  Clinical Lecturer STO
Tse, Jennifer  Clinical Lecturer MCH 
Twomey, Ciaran Assistant Clinical Professor  UAH
Unger, Byron  Assistant Clinical Professor  UAH 
Van Den Heever, Neethling  Clinical Lecturer UAH 
Varughese, Thomas Clinical Lecturer  UAH 
Verrier, Michelle Lead Clinical Research Coordinator UAH 
Vijayashankar, Rakesh  Assistant Clinical Professor  UAH
Wachowski, Ireneusz Clinical Lecturer MCH
Walker, Brad Clinical Lecturer RAH
Wensveen, Quentin  Clinical Lecturer  MCH
Wildgrube, Peter Associate Clinical Professor  RAH 
Wilson, P Scott Assistant Clinical Professor  RAH 
Yeh, Tim Associate Clinical Professor  UAH
Zaki, Mahmood  Clinical Lecturer  UAH 
Zaugg, Michael  Professor UAH
Ziwenga, Ophillia Assistant Clinical Professor  UAH