Patient Safety & Quality

The Sub-Committee on Patient Safety and Quality is established to provide a forum for discussing and developing action plans and providing recommendations to the Edmonton Zone Anesthesiology Executive, AHS, the University of Alberta, and other stakeholders.

Some of the priorities we are working on are: Medication Safety; Safety in the Anesthesia Work Space; Pre-operative Preparation of Patients; and Learning from Event Reporting.

Committee Members


Membership Type


Dr. Timur Özelsel Full Member Committee Chair
Bonnie McIntyre Clinical Liaison
Corrina Harrison Full Member Administrative Assistant
Jason Foerster Full Member Anesthesia Tech
Dr. Lynn Squires Anesthesia Resident
Patti Webb Respiratory Therapist
Shannon Foster Anesthesia Tech
Dr. Will Flexer Anesthesiologist
Glenn Day Anesthesia Tech Supervisor
Dr. Kevin Gregg Anesthesiologist
Dr. Ireneusz Wachowski Anesthesiologist
Dr. Jack Stonehocker Anesthesiologist
Dr. John Koller Anesthesiologist
Dr. Keith Hult Anesthesiologist
Dr. Kyle McCombs   Anesthesia Resident
Dr. Mike Hogan Anesthesiologist
Dr. Michael  Vargo Anesthesia Resident
Dr. Ryan Gamez      Anesthesiologist