Diversity and Inclusion

Faculty of Medicine

Alberta Health Services:

CMA - Addressing gender equity and diversity in Canada's medical profession: A review


Concrete Strategies

1. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Science and Technology: Action Grid PDF and original link

2. Sponsorship is more active traditional mentoring, with a strong focus on advocacy. Sponsors actively advocate for the person they are sponsoring with the sponsor's peers and superiors; connecting the person sponsored to important people and opportunities; and provide cover for them to take risks and pursue learning opportunities.

Mentorship Is Not Enough: Exploring Sponsorship and Its Role in Career Advancement in Academic Medicine. Ayyala, Manasa S. MD; Skarupski, Kimberly PhD, MPH; Bodurtha, Joann N. MD,MPH; Gonzalez-Fernandez, Marlis MD, PhD; Ishii, Lisa E. MD, MHS; Fivush, BarbaraMD; Levine, Rachel B. MD, MPH.

3. Faculty Development

4. Train/Rounds about diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias.

5. Avoiding unconscious bias - A guide for surgeons

6. Best Practices for Hiring

7. Implicit Association Test

8. A Model for Physician Wellness and Diversity

9. Mentorship

  • Virtually connecting underrepresented individuals in STEM with mentors who can help foster professional development and personal discovery: UA-WiSE/WISER Mentorship Program