Research is one of the main missions of the Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - University of Alberta.

There's so much that we don't know! Why do people get chronic pain in the first place? Why does it seem to happen to some people and not to others? How effective are new drugs and other treatments?

We are actively involved in efforts to better understand pain and improve its treatment. Some of the studies we have undertaken include evaluations of new pain killing drugs for lower back pain, exercise testing and a survey of the attitudes towards pain therapy and its potential complications.

We work in conjunction with both independent research granting bodies and the pharmaceutical industry. Current research opportunities can be viewed, on the right, and are updated whenever we are recruiting.

Our Research Endowment Fund provides resources to help allow us develop new therapies for chronic pain. Please call (780) 492-8314 to find out more about contributing to this important initiative.