Dr. Michael Zaugg receives CIHR project grant

Along with Co-PI, Dr. Darren Freed, their research focuses on optimizing resuscitation of the "donation after circulatory death" (DCD) heart.

17 September 2020

The Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine is excited to announce that Dr. Michael Zaugg has received a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Project Grant on his successful application:

Optimizing resuscitation of the donation after circulatory death (DCD) heart by mitochondrial redox regulation and opioid receptor activation: a protocol for clinical application.

This highly translational research project will be conducted in close collaboration with Dr. Darren H. Freed (Co-PI) from the Division of Cardiac Surgery.

The research addresses the use of a novel therapy with clinically approved medications and ex-vivo heart perfusion in a beating state on a specifically designed apparatus to provide optimized heart protection during the bridging time between heart procurement from the donor and transplantation into a recipient. The data generated from these studies will provide the foundations for a clinical heart transplant program of hearts donated after circulatory death that will expand the donor heart pool.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Michael Zaugg and Dr. Darren Freed on receiving this grant.


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