CaRMS 2022 Match Results

The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine is pleased to announce Drs Boe, Deacon, Ganton, McLellan, Saieed, Sun and Yu were successful applicants.

13 April 2022

Message from the Program Director: 2022 CaRMS Results

CaRMS results have just been released and we are pleased to announce that
the following applicants have matched to our program:

  • Dana Boe (University of Alberta)
  • Tyeren Deacon (Queen's University)
  • Kieran Ganton (University of Alberta)
  • Quinn McLellan (University of Alberta)
  • John Saieed (University of Alberta)
  • Yi Shi Sun (University of Toronto)
  • Wen Yu (McGill University)

They will commence their residency training on July 1, 2022. Should you know any of these students, please take a moment to congratulate and welcome them to our program!

Dr. Heather Ting
Postgraduate Program Director