Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Patient Safety & Quality


The Sub-Committee on Patient Safety and Quality is established to provide a forum for discussing and developing action plans and providing recommendations to the Edmonton Zone Anesthesiology Executive, AHS, the University of Alberta, and other stakeholders.

Some of the priorities we are working on are: Medication Safety; Safety in the Anesthesia Work Space; Pre-operative Preparation of Patients; and Learning from Event Reporting.

Committee Members


Membership Type


Dr Timur Özelsel
Full Member
Committee Chair
Dr Richard Bergstrom Full Member Anesthesiologist/Maz
Heather Clark Full Member
Administrative Assistant
Dr Kathryne Faccenda
Full Member Anesthesiologist/UAH
Ashley Kuehn
Full Member
Respiratory Therapy, Anes Tech/RAH
Dr Craig Needham Full Member
Warren Sheen Full Member Respiratory Therapy, Anes Tech/GNH
Jeanine Auch
Corresponding Member
Biomed/Leduc & Fort.Sask.
Rod Fernandez
Corresponding Member
Mark Rimkus
Corresponding Member
Respiratory Therapy
Julia Roy
Corresponding Member Edmonton Patient Safety
Tara Walsh Corresponding Member Clinical Quality Metrics
Lisa Zoeteman
Corresponding Member Medication Management