Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine

Support and Services

The Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine is well-resourced in providing assistance to those interested in launching a new research study. 

Since there are a number of steps to follow when creating a new research study, we strongly advise all new investigators to contact Dr Bradley Kerr who will gladly guide you with your plan and link you to a suitable contact person for further assistance.


  • Services Offered to Research Study Investigators
    • Assistance in obtaining ethics approval
    • Creating and submitting application(s) for operational approval
    • Submitting legal documents such as study contract and budget for negotiation
    • Recruitment of research study participants
    • Collection and management of study case report forms and data
    • Statistical consultation
  • Steps to Follow when Creating a New Research Study
    1. Come up with a research question.
    2. Make sure this research hasn’t already been done.
    3. An extensive literature search on your research question should be made. Using an online database like PubMed is most helpful. After confirming that your research study has not already been done, you will need to write a study protocol/proposal. For templates, please see click here
    4. Once the protocol is finalized, you will need to obtain ethics approval from the UofA Research Ethics Board.
    5. For studies that utilize AHS sites, staff, equipment, etc. will need to obtain operational approval.
    6. Legal documents such as contract and budget for grant funded clinical trials need to be submitted to the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials and Research Centre (NACTRC)
    7. A research study can only begin after obtaining an administrative approval from NACTRC .

    For further assistance, please contact:

    Michelle Verrier 
    Departmental Research Assistant
    (780) 407-8615