UofA Pain Interest Group

The Pain Interest Group consists of researchers with either a basic science or clinical background. This group was founded with a goal of strengthening the collaboration between the two fields in addition to increasing the knowledge of pain-related topics.

The Pain Interest Group has developed Lunch and Learn sessions which occur several times a year and cover various pain-related topics highlighting research findings from a basic science approach and clinical observations.


Dr Bradley Kerr (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)

Kathy Reid, RN, MN, NP (Stollery Pediatric Chronic Pain Services)

Dr Saifee Rashiq (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)

Dr Derek Dillane (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)

Dr Bruce Dick (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Psychiatry)

Dr Mark Simmonds (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)

Dr Jabulani Moyo (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)

Dr Peter Smith (Pharmacology)

Dr Anna Taylor (Pharmacology)

Dr Monica Gorassini (Biomedical Engineering)

Dr Geoff Bostick (Rehabilitation Medicine)

Dr Jaynie Yang (Rehabilitation Medicine)

Dr Doug Gross (Rehabilitation Medicine)

Dr Christine Webber (Anatomy)

Dr Douglas Zochodne (Neurology)

Dr Lawrence Richer (Pediatrics)

Lunch & Learn: Integrating Clinical Medicine and Neuroscience

Upcoming Presentations

Past Presentations

Fall 2017

Topic: A case of changes in the gut microbiome influencing opioid analgesia and reward: Integrating Clinical Medicine and Neuroscience
Presented by: Dr Anna Taylor

Spring 2017

Topic: X-Files and Phantoms: The Neurobiology of Chronic Pain & Somatization Disorders
Presented by: Dr Bruce Dick & Kathy Reid

Winter 2017

Topic: Imaging the Brain in Pain
Presented by: Dr Pascal Tetreault

Topic: A Case of Migraine Pain
Presented by: Dr Lawrence Richer

Fall 2016

Topic: A Case of Neuropathic Pain in MS
Presented by:
Dr Bradley Kerr & Dr Fabrizio Giuliani

Topic: A Case of Diabetic Neuropathy
Presented by:
Dr Ming Chan & Dr Christine Webber

Spring 2016

Topic: A Case of Post-Operative Pain and Central Sensitization
Presented by: Dr Derek Dillane & Saad Yousuf

Winter 2016

Topic: A Case of CRPS
Presented by: Dr Geoff Bostick & Anwer Siddiqi

Topic: A Case of Trigeminal Neuralgia
Presented by: Dr Saifee Rashiq & Kevin Thorburn