1. Web Resources for Staff Wellness

2. PFSP provides resources and/or referral to therapy in the following areas:
  • Intimate partner relationship issues

The Wellbeing of Physician Relationships

Medical Marriage - Tips for making yours better

The well being of medical relationships

  • Family Therapy
  • Assistance with dependant children suffering from learning or behavioural difficulties
  • Career, educational and workplace concerns that are impacting our health
  • Dealing with adverse events

Transcend adversity

Disclosing harm from health care delivery

Canadian Medical Protective Agency (CMPA) homepage

  • Stress, anxiety, other mental health issues and psychiatric disorders (e.g. depression, manic-depression, PTSD, ADHD, etc)
  • Substance Use disorder and behavioural addictions

PFSP - What is Addiction (video)

PFSP - Seeking Help with Addiction (video)

Am I alcohol dependant? Try this self-assessment tool

Understanding substance use disorder in physicians (multi-media blog post)

  • Concern for a colleague
  • And more....

3. Suicide Prevention
  • 24 hr City of Edmonton Distress line: 780-482-4357
4. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Queer identified People and Mental Health
5. Well Doc Alberta
6. MD financial management
8. "Managing Compassion Fatigue is an Organizational Responsibility" by Dr. Sharron Spicer
9. Conferences
  • International Conference on Physician Health, Sep. 14-16, 2020 : get details