Professor Gregory Forth Named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

6 September 2012

Dr. Gregory Forth, Professor of Anthropology, is among 71 new Fellows elected to the Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). Election to the academies of the RSC is the highest honour a scholar can achieve in the Arts, Humanites and Sciences.

Gregory Forth is an internationally recognized socio-cultural anthropologist and ethnobiologist working in Indonesian studies. His reputation is founded on his extensive field research and the exemplary quality of his numerous books and published papers, in regard to theoretical advances, analytical insight, and their basis in substantial and meticulous ethnography. Professor Forth's research on indigenous hominoid images first published in 1998, anticipated palaeoanthropological research leading to the discovery of Homo floresiensis in 2003.

In the Society's September 5 press release, Professor Yolande Grise, President says:

"This year, in the year of its 130th anniversary, the RSC is pleased to congratulate the new cohort of Fellows and welcome them among its ranks. These Fellows were recently elected by their peers in a highly competitive environment of numerous, first-rate candidates. Through their exceptional work, these new Fellows pursue the distinguished work of a long line of researchers and creators who have contributed to expand Canada's intellectual, artistic and scientific resources to support Canada's population and its international scope."

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