Our areas of study have excellent facilities to assist you in your learning with the Department of Art & Design:

Fundamentals Facilities

You will take your first-year Fundamentals work (Design Studies and Fine Arts students) in dedicated studio spaces in the North Power Plant. You have 24-hour access to our working spaces throughout the year and also have access to critique rooms, spray booths, light tables, and a woodwork shop with power tools and equipment to support the construction of three-dimensional work.

If you are taking Fundamentals outside of the specialized degrees you have 24-hour access to working studio space in the lower floor of HUB Mall, in addition to access to light tables, a spray room, a drawing room and a critique room.

Art Store

The Art Store supports the academic mandate of the Department of Art & Design by providing students with necessary supplies, at the best possible prices, for the fulfillment of studio courses.

FAB Gallery

The Fine Arts Building Gallery has presented art and design exhibitions that benefit the University of Alberta, Edmonton, the province, and beyond. These exhibitions feature work by students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, faculty and staff, as well as by contemporary and historical artists with national and international reputations.

Visual Resource Centre

The Visual Resources Centre (VRC) is a departmental image library that serves faculty and students in the Department of Art and Design. The collection provides users with a wide range of high quality images for the teaching of art and art history as well as for research and study. VRC staff are responsible for the administration, development, and maintenance of the collection and aid users in finding images and resources to support their scholarly and teaching activities.

To date the collection consists of over 250,000 35mm slides amassed over the past four decades and covering a wide range of western and non-western content. In order to continue to meet the teaching and research needs of our users, the VRC has also developed a high quality digital image collection that complements the University-supported ArtStor collection.

In order to support this technology and the required research tools the VRC has embarked on a program to build a digital image collection. The VRC maintains two adjacent fully equipped seminar rooms with dedicated computers and the next-door 120-seat lecture theatre is a fully functional digital smart classroom.

Print Study Centre

The Print Study Centre is an interactive facility for teaching, research, and community outreach related to our print collection.

Art and Design Libraries and Collections

Rutherford Library has one of the best Art & Design collections in Canada.

Bruce Peel Special Collections & Archives “house a world class collection of more than 100,000 rare books and a significant collection of archival materials which explore a range of local and international subjects.” This is a great place to view artist’s books and special exhibitions.

There are 29 different museums and collections on campus.