Art & Design

Welcome from the Acting Chair of Art & Design

The Department of Art & Design is the only department in Canada that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in design, fine arts, and in the history of art, design and visual culture. The cross-fertilization between the three programs within a university setting offers a rich experience for our students: whether the focus is on practice or on historical or theoretical pursuits, our approach is distinguished from more commercially-oriented programs by being conceived of as research and intellectual inquiry, as well as the learning of skills. Our graduates have pursued successful careers as artists, designers, academics, museum professionals, or in other professions such as law. Practicums in fine arts and design allow students to gain hands-on experience that will help you to succeed in your chosen field.

Members of our faculty include cross-appointments with the Department of East Asian Studies and the Faculty of Native Studies, and the first Canada Research Chair in design, while the Printmaking program has long been designated a University Centre of Research Excellence.

Whichever field you choose to pursue, whether it be the design of objects or information, creative practice in painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing and intermedia, or the analysis of images and objects and their situation in social, historical and cultural contexts, the practical and intellectual skills you develop with us will help you to become more active and engaged citizens.

The Department of Art & Design was established in 1965, out of an earlier Department of Fine Arts incorporating art, music and drama that was founded in 1945. In 1970, it was the first department in Canada to offer a graduate degree in design and the fine arts, the Master of Visual Arts, which was separated into Master of Fine Arts and Master of Design degrees in 1993. The MA degree in art history was created in 1976, and the PhD in the History of Art, Design and Visual Culture in 2011. We are justly proud of our faculty, staff and students, and we invite you to explore our programs on the departmental website.

Steven Harris
Acting Chair, Department of Art & Design
Associate Professor, History of Art, Design and Visual Culture