Steven Harris

Associate Professor, History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture

Office: 3-110 Fine Arts Building
(780) 492-7867

Areas of Teaching and Research

Modernist and avant-garde tendencies in twentieth-century art; surrealism; postwar European art


PhD, University of British Columbia, 1997

Steven Harris is an Associate Professor of the History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture. He works on twentieth-century art in Europe and North America, and is the author of articles on surrealism, postwar abstraction and Fluxus. His book, Surrealist Art and Thought in the 1930s: Art, Politics and the Psyche, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2004. His current research project, The Poetics of Disenchantment, investigates both the surrealist movement in the postwar period, and how surrealist ideas and values were taken up or challenged by postwar European collectives like Cobra, The College of 'Pataphysics, and the Situationist International.

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