Art & Design

Graduate Work

Kyle Appelt, Pilgrimage, film still, 2016

Justin Pritchard's Master of Design research, Ideation, Creativity and Mindfulness: Investigating the Influence of Mindfulness Practice on Design Education

Grace Sippy, The Others III, 2014, digital inkjet and chine-collé, 52 x 88 inches

Andrew Hellmund, Paso Doble, 2014-2016, recycled steel, 25 x 9 x 11 inches

Master of Design research by Cheng Siong Martin Tee, Designing a Rapid Deployment Emergency Services (RapiDES) Vehicle for 2020: Addressing the problem of ever increasing traffic delaying the emergency services vehicles in big cities

Emma McLay, Lex Caesarea, 2010, acrylic, mica, walnut wood, lead pewter, imitation silver leaf, sand, fabric, wire, 66 x 55 x 17 inches

Jonathan Green, Outlier Spaces: Obstructions, 2016, Intaglio on digital print 16 x 24 inches

Annotations, 2016, a collaboration between emerging Fine Art and History of Art, Design and Visual Culture students from the University of Alberta

Fluence, 2014, an exhibition catalogue produced by the Visual Arts Students Association in collaboration with students from Fine Arts and History of Art, Design and Visual Culture