Art & Design

Admission Requirements

In order to research eligible requirements for our programs, you will need to look at the Faculty of Arts requirements, as the Department of Art & Design is part of the Faculty of Arts.

High School Applicants

High school applicants to the BFA or BDes program require at least a 70% average, and applicants to the BA program require an average that is competitive for the given year*, on 5 eligible high school subjects, as follows:

  • English 30-1
  • Four other eligible 30-level subjects
  • Of these four subjects, a maximum of one eligible 30-level Fine Arts course may be used.
  • Your admission average will automatically be calculated on the 5 highest grades that meet these requirements. 
  • Some BDes routes have specific high school course requirements; please see below.

For more information on eligible subjects, please visit the page(s) of your choice:

BFA Program Eligibility

BDes Program Eligibility (General Route - you can find other routes through this page as well)

BA Program Eligibility

Applicants from other provinces and countries must have a comparable average on equivalent courses. 

Students from other Canadian provinces, visit the Provincial Admission Course Equivalents page.

*Applicants to the BA program can learn more about competitive averages on the Undergraduate Programs and Admissions page

Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants require at least a 2.2 GPA*, depending on the competitive admission average for the year, on at least 24 credits of transferable post-secondary coursework. 

* Please note: BFA and BDes applicants whose portfolio applications are successful require at least a 2.0 GPA.

Other Ways to Begin Your Studies with Us

Learn about Open Studies.

Please visit the Faculty of Arts page in the Calendar, for information about any of the following:

  • Special Student
  • Visiting Student
  • Non-matriculated applicant

International Applicant Information

For information about English Language Proficiency requirements, International Admission subjects and scores, etc., please research International Admissions on the main U of A homepage.

Note to BDes Applicants

For BDes applicants, please note:

  • for the Bachelor of Design Engineering Route,  Pure Math 30 or Math 30-1 is required and Math 31 and Physics 30 are recommended.
  • for the Bachelor of Design Computing Science Route,  Pure Math 30 or Math 30-1 is required.
  • for the Bachelor of Design Social Sciences Route with a concentration in psychology, Math 30 is a prerequisite for certain course.