Art & Design

Admission Requirements

In order to research eligible requirements for our programs, you will need to look at the Faculty of Arts requirements, as the Department of Art & Design is part of the Faculty of Arts.

High School Applicants

High school applicants require at least a 72% average* on 5 eligible high school subjects as follows:

  • English 30-1
  • Four eligible 30-level subjects.
  • Of these four subjects, a maximum of one eligible 30-level Fine Arts course may be used.
  • Your admission average will automatically be calculated on the 5 highest grades that meet these requirements. 
  • Some BDes routes have specific high school course requirements; please see below.

For more information on eligible subjects, please visit the page(s) of your choice:

BFA Program Eligibility

BDes Program Eligibility (General Route - you can find other routes through this page as well)

BA Program Eligibility

Applicants from other provinces and countries must have a comparable average on equivalent courses. 

Students from other Canadian provinces, visit the Provincial Admission Course Equivalents page.

* Please note the minimum average for BFA and BDes applicants whose portfolio applications are successful is 70%.

Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants require at least a 2.2 GPA* on at least 24 credits of transferable post-secondary coursework. 

* Please note this average may be slightly lower for BFA and BDes applicants whose portfolio applications are successful.

Other Ways to Begin Your Studies with Us

Learn about Open Studies.

Please visit the Faculty of Arts page in the Calendar, for information about any of the following:

  • Special Student
  • Visiting Student
  • Non-matriculated applicant

International Applicant Information

For information about English Language Proficiency requirements, International Admission subjects and scores, etc., please research International Admissions on the main U of A homepage.

Note to BDes Applicants

For BDes applicants, please note:

  • for the Bachelor of Design Engineering Route,  Pure Math 30 or Math 30-1 is required and Math 31 and Physics 30 are recommended.
  • for the Bachelor of Design Computing Science Route,  Pure Math 30 or Math 30-1 is required.
  • for the Bachelor of Design Social Sciences Route with a concentration in psychology, Math 30 is a prerequisite for certain course.