Art & Design

Online Application (All Students)

Whether it's your first application, or you are applying to transfer to a different degree, ALL applicants must complete the University of Alberta online application. You can find more information here.

Apply Early!

We recommend that you complete this process as soon as possible; the system opens for applications in October of each year for admission to the following September. If your grades are high enough you may be offered early admission, and even if not, applying early may help your final admission process be completed sooner when the admissions teams are finalizing admissions in the Summer.

Deadlines for online application vary by program and may change slightly from year to year. Please research the online application deadline for your program.

UAlberta Email and Bear Tracks Accounts

After you apply, you will receive a email account, and access to your Bear Tracks account. You should start using this immediately. It is very important that you monitor your Bear Tracks account, especially your “to do” list.

Transcripts and Other Application Documents

All applications require some form of supporting documents. You can see these necessary application documents by logging into your Bear Tracks account and looking at your “to do” list. Applicants from Alberta schools may find that all transcripts will be obtained on their behalf. Applicants from other provinces and countries will likely have transcripts and/or other documents which you must have sent directly from your school to the Office of the Registrar.

Here is the mailing address for any documents that are requested as part of your official online application:

Office of the Registrar
Administration Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6C 2M7

Notes for Bachelor of Design (BDes) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Applicants

The Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Fine Arts program online application deadlines are May 1 of each year.  For these two programs, the Portfolio Application is also due on May 1.

Please note: The order in which you list your program choices are important. Please list your first choice first. We recommend that you list the Bachelor of Arts program, with a major in Art & Design, as your second choice, as you will be considered for admission to this program if your portfolio is not competitive for this year. This may also give you early access to registration for ART 134 and DES 135.

Some of you will be required to arrange for your official transcripts to be sent to the Office of the Registrar as listed above. It is absolutely necessary that you do this, and that you understand that any documents you include in your portfolio submission are completely separate from your online application and do not satisfy the requirements listed in your “to do” list in Bear Tracks.

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