Portfolio Application (BFA and BDes)

As of 2020, BFA and BDes applicants can use the Launchpad application system to submit your portfolios and Statement of Intent online. You can upload these items any time after you've submitted your application and paid your application fee, right up until May 1st.

There are two components to your portfolio:

  1. Please submit 12–15 pieces that show your interests, strengths and versatility. For more information on what to submit, please see the Portfolio Guidelines page.
  2. Please submit a Statement of Intent explaining your interest in our program. Recommended length: half page to a page.

Tips for applicants using the new online system for all aspects of their application:

  • You can do the online application as early as October.
  • International applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.
  • If you apply before March 1st, and your BFA or BDes portfolio application is not successful, you will automatically be considered for admission to the BA program. This would allow you to do your first year as an Art & Design major, make some new work in Art and Design studio courses we will save for you, and then you can apply to transfer into the second year of your desired program.
  • Please list your program choices in order of preference.
  • Unless you are considering a different program, please list the BA program, Major in Art & Design as your second choice.
  • You must list all post-secondary institutions you've attended.
  • Pay close attention to your email for access to your Bear Tracks account, and then check your Bear Tracks account regularly.