Arts Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta, has a strong tradition of supporting matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Nonetheless, the 1992 report of the Dean's Advisory Task Force on Employment Equity (developed partly in response to the 1991 Report of the President's Commission for Equality and Respect) laid out a number of priorities and ambitions that have yet to be realized. The report of that Task Force recognizes that vitality of the institution, the fulfillment of its primary missions of teaching, research, and service, and the well-being of it students, staff, and faculty depend on careful attention to the terms of EDI. This recognition is revitalized in the strategic documents now governing the University of Alberta (For the Public Good) and the Faculty of Arts (Change for Good), both of which call upon the members of this community to foster an environment of equity, diversity, and inclusion.