Arts Environment, Health and Safety


The Environmental Health and Safety Faculty of Arts Committee (EHSFAC) has adopted these Terms of Reference to guide its operations, as outlined under the University of Alberta Environment Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) requirements.

Terms of Reference
This committee is comprised of representatives from across the faculty, whose purpose is to identify and review health and safety issues, as well as make recommendations, in the interest of improving and maintaining standards.

Accountability and Reporting
The Faculty of Arts Environmental Health and Safety Committee is accountable to the Dean, and will report to the Dean (or Dean's representative) through the Committee Chair


Committee Member Guidelines
        i.      Within the committee, discuss EHS issues and initiatives
        ii.     Identify opportunities for EHS initiatives
        iii.    Recommend resolutions to EHS issues
        iv.    Implement the Environmental Health and Safety System (EHSMS) for our Faculty
        v.     Advise / inform / provide general and/or specialist assistance to the Faculty, as required
        vi.     Promote and encourage participation across the Faculty in EHS initiatives
        vii.    Communicate annual EHS goals, plans and results to Environmental Health and Safety Committee Senior Administrators Committee (EHSSAC)


Committee Membership
        i.     Appointments are made for a two year term by the Dean, or the Dean's representative
        ii.    There will be six (6) voting members on the committee, comprising of members of the Faculty of Arts
                    Composition of the members must include the following:
                            a. minimum of one representative from Fine Arts 
                            b. minimum of one representative from a department that has laboratories e.g psychology, anthropology
                            c. one faculty member
                            d. Space and Facilities Coordinator
                            e. one graduate student representative
        iii.    Committee members may be re-appointed for a second term
        iv.    A representative from the Department of Environment, Health and Safety shall be appointed as an ex-officio member


Committee Chairperson
        i.        The Committee Chair is appointed by the Dean and will also serve as the Faculty of Arts representative to EHSSAC
        ii.        A vice chair will be appointed by the committee and will stand in when the Chair is unavailable for meetings
        iii.        After the completion of the term as Committee Chair, a person may be re-appointed as a member
        iv.        A person may not serve as Committee Chair for more than two consecutive terms unless there are extenuating circumstances


Current Membership
        i.         If a member is unable to participate in an activity of the committee, they may recommend an alternative member from their unit as a substitute, which

shall be approved by the Chair in advance; this alternative member will have full voting privileges for that meeting
        ii.        If a member resigns, the committee shall recruit a replacement in consultation with the Dean


        i.         Additional persons may attend Committee meetings with the approval of the Chair
        ii.        Guests to a committee meeting will not have voting privileges


Meetings Framework
        i.        As mandated by the Department of EHS, committee meetings will be scheduled bi-monthly (Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, May, Jul) at a predetermined

time and location.  Additional meetings may take place in agreement with quorum by the committee.  Cancellation of a regularly scheduled

meeting must be rescheduled to ensure adherence to the bi-monthly schedule

        ii.        Additional committee meetings can also be scheduled at the call of the Chairperson


        i.        In order to hold a vote, attendance to achieve quorum for the committee meetings will consist of 50 percent plus one of the voting members
        ii.        If the number of attendees does not meet the minimum number, the meeting will still proceed but a note in the minutes will reflect that

quorum was not met
        iii.        In instances of a tie vote when all members have voted, the Dean or the Dean's representative can cast the deciding vote


Agenda Items
        i.        The Committee Chairperson will prepare copy of the agenda for each meeting and distribute it to all members at least one week

in advance of the regularly scheduled meetings
        ii.        Agenda items will consist of workplace health and safety issues.  Agenda items should be dealt with by reaching consensus.
        iii.        Agenda items which continue to be unresolved by the committee after three consecutive meetings will be referred to the Dean or Dean's representative


        i.        The Chair will arrange for clerical assistance with respect to the recording, filing, and timely circulation of the agenda and minutes of Committee meetings
        ii.        The Committee shall designate a committee member to take minutes at all Committee meetings