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Hazard Assessment

What is a hazard?


hazard is a condition or behaviour with the potential to cause injury or loss. Hazards are classified as chemicalbiologicalradiologicalphysicalergonomic, or psychosocial (note: includes working alone).

Once you've identified your workplace tasks and classified the associated hazards, carefully assess their likelihood and risk to determine the best combination of controls using the Hazard Web Application (HAWApp).


What is the HAWApp?


The Hazard Assessment Web application (HAWApp) is a tool that can be used to identify, evaluate and assign controls to workplace hazards. More information can be found here, on the Environment, Health & Safety website. Once a user has published a hazard assessment, it can be viewed, used, and copied by others with the same departmental access. Follow the HAWApp link to complete your hazard assessment.