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Fire Warden Training

As part of the University of Alberta's Fire Safety Plan, the Fire warden training program has been developed to aid you in the proper processes for building evacuation and your roles and responsibilities as a Fire Warden. Follow this link to complete the training.

Supervisory EHS Professional Development program

This program is available to technicians, instructors, and anyone else at the University of Alberta who directs the work of others. The program offers general awareness and practical strategies to promote a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible workplace.Take the course!


WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System)


The Alberta Health & Safety Code requires that employers provide WHMIS training to all workers who work with or in proximity to controlled products. Taking the online WHMIS course will constitute the generic portion of your WHMIS training. In order to meet the legislated training requirements, this generic training must be supplemented by worksite training addressing the specific hazards at the worksite. Take the course!


Working safely at the U of A: A Guide to New OHS Legislation


At the University of Alberta, effective training enhances the quality of our research, teaching and learning efforts, and aids in the prevention of incidents that may result in injury, illness, or damage to property or to the environment.

The Department of Environment Health and Safety of the University of Alberta has developed an online safety awareness course that outlines the legislated rights of workers and how they apply to members of the university community. Topics covered in the course include:

·         Three basic rights of workers
·         Key points about work refusals
·         Recent changes to OHS legislation

Anyone who works at the university is encouraged to take this course.
The course is approximately 60 minutes in length. Print your certificate upon completion.  Take the course!