Arts Academic Strategic Plan

About the Academic Strategic Plan

In fall 2016, the University of Alberta adopted its new Institutional Strategic Plan, entitled For the Public Good. Faculties were subsequently asked to identify how their work can fit into the university’s plan, and to create their own plans that help set their own directions.

The Faculty of Arts has begun a process to develop its 2017-22 Academic Strategic Plan, which will chart our path over the next five years. Building on the achievements of our 2011-15 Academic Plan, this new plan will affirm the mission, vision, values, goals and strategic objectives that will move us towards a common goal and continued academic success.

In November 2016, the dean struck a working committee, listed in the sidebar on this page, representing key internal audiences (in consultation with department chairs and Dean’s Executive Council) to develop the Academic Strategic Plan. The committee will have ongoing responsibility to review the goals and measures identified in the Academic Plan upon its implementation.

The process to develop the Academic Strategic Plan will be highly consultative, relying on the input and feedback from a wide array of audiences. Upon approval by Arts Faculty Council, operational plans will be developed to support the successful implementation of the Academic Strategic Plan.

The Working Committee began its work on November 21, 2016 and anticipates having the plan prepared for approval by Arts Faculty Council in Fall of 2017.

March 2017 Update


May 2017 Update




KEY MILESTONES – Consultation plan

Phase One: Mission, Vision, Values

February 6  Online survey #1 opens

February 16   Town Hall #1 12:30 – 1:30 HC L-3

February 28   Online survey #1 closes

Phase Two: Strategic Goals 2017-22 - Click here

April 13  Online survey #2 opens 

April 20 Town Hall #2  12:30 - 2 :00 pm Tory Breezeway 1

End of April  Online survey #2 closes

Phase Three: Draft Strategic Academic Plan

September Draft plan posted online for review/comment

October Online comments close

Governance Path

  • Final academic strategic plan is posted on website
  • Plan is presented to Arts Executive Council
  • Plan is presented to and voted on by Arts Faculty Council