Dean's Message

Lesley Cormack, Dean of Arts, University of Alberta

Where has the term gone?  After an action-packed 13 weeks, classes have ended and the preparation for exams has begun. 

Arts students approach their studies with curiosity and enthusiasm.  You have all learned myriad new facts, new methods and theories, and new ways of thinking about the world. Now, of course, is the time to study and demonstrate your newfound knowledge.  Have faith in yourself.  Study hard, but also make sure you take care of yourself at the same time. Sleep, good healthy food and some moments of relaxation can be important too. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to forget when you’re concentrating on studying and getting to your next exam on time.

Also remember also that the university has many services in place to help you if you are struggling. If you would like to speak to someone, please consider contacting one of our campus support teams, including the Community Social Work Team, Counselling & Clinical Services, Peer Support (Students’ Union) or Helping Individuals at Risk (HIAR).

My best wishes for a successful exam period. 

Lesley Cormack
Dean of Arts




2016 State of the Faculty Address