Dean's Message

UAlberta voices raised in solidarity with Ukraine and Ukrainians

I believe colleagues from across the Faculty of Arts shared my sense of horrified disbelief as the Russian military launched a large-scale bombardment and multi-pronged invasion of Ukraine. The Faculty of Arts has deep and enduring ties to Ukraine. Many members of our community have family in Ukraine, others have developed meaningful ties through scholarly exchange programs and collaborative research projects led by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS). Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and those in the Arts community who have close colleagues, friends, and family in Ukraine.

At times like this, scholars play an important role, providing the historical perspective and insightful analysis that informs and empowers people to stand in support of democratic values, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

Yesterday, President Bill Flanagan shared his sense of alarm with the invasion and offered heartfelt words of support to all who are personally affected by these events. I encourage you to read the President’s message.

Steve Patten
Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts