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Christopher S. Mackay, PhD, AM, BA



History and Classics

About Me

I have a degree in Classical Philology from Harvard University (1994). What interests me most is learning new things, and I learn non-Indo-European languages as a hobby. We have too many cats. I also have an interest in graphic design, and designed the cover for the paperback edition of Breakdown of the Roman Republic.


 I have a number of interests, which are all generally of a linguistic nature (mainly Latin, but also Early Modern High and Low German). I've written books on ancient history and published editions and translations of works relating to early modern witchcraft and the Anabaptist kingdom of Münster of 1534/5. 


My teaching mainly revolves around ancient history and the Classical languages. I'm involved in a project to incorporate more active methods of language acquisition into the Latin program (as opposed to the traditional "grammar and translation" method).