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Selina Stewart, PhD (Cornell University), BA Hons (Concordia University, Montreal)

Associate Professor


History and Classics

About Me

I am Associate Professor and Honours Advisor for Classics in the Department of History and Classics and teach all levels of Greek language and literature. I am past member of the board for the Classical Association of Canada and the journal Phoenix, and received the Cécile E. Mactaggart Travel Award in 2014. 


I work in the areas of Greek and Latin language, literature and poetics, as well as historical linguistics and ancient science and have published in classical journals Classical Philology, The Classical Quarterly and Mnemosyne. I translated Nicole Loraux's Né de la terre, published by Cornell University Press as Born of the Earth in 2000, and am currently working on a book on Ancient Greek colour terms, and chapter contributions and articles on Hellenistic poetics, ancient astronomy and ancient theories of visual perception. 


I teach Greek and Latin language and literature courses as well Greco-Roman Religion at the 3rd year level and Class 103: Introduction to Ancient Greece.  I developed and taught a 4th year seminar entitled Sappho to Wilde on Homosexuality in Greco-Roman poetry and its reception in Western literature, based on Greek and Roman poetic texts and their reception in poetry and art from the Renaissance through Victorian England and the 20th C; as a literature and language specialist rather than a historian or cultural theorist I teach the course very much from a literary perspective and we read selections from the Greek lyric poets, Homer, Virgil's Aeneid and other Augustan poetry as well as poets and novelists such as Tennyson, Virginia Woolf and Michael  Field.