Why UAlberta Arts?

The U of A demonstrates the Alberta Advantage. We’re in the top 100 in the world and we’re over 100 years old.

Top Ten Reasons why U of A Arts?

Reason # 10

Choice. You have more than 60 areas of focus to choose from. That represents almost 900 distinct courses. So whether you are taking one of our many degree programs or simply ensuring your degree has a strong Arts component, the choice is yours.

Reason #9

Employability. Having an Arts degree or a strong Arts component in your degree delivers skills employers are seeking: critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, effective communication, and the ability to adapt to new situations and career opportunities.

Reason #8

Community. With more than 6,000 students we have size on our side - but when you join Arts, you join a community. We have over 400 student groups to consider and dedicated Arts advisors to help you find your way.

Reason #7

Opportunity. Study abroad, get hands-on research experience, and connect with Edmonton’s employers.

Reason #6

Access. You will have access to Canada’s second largest research library, award-winning teachers, $450,000 in scholarships, e-classes and other technology, research grants, and cultural experiences with Edmonton’s diverse communities. And of course great places to eat.

Reason #5

Reputation. We’re in the top five universities in Canada and have been around for more than 100 years.   You have our word on it - your reputation is safe with us.

Reason #4

Connections. You’ll be a part of an Arts network representing 49,000 alumni living worldwide who are contributing to all sectors of the economy including oil and gas, government, education, business, and non-profit.

Reason # 3

ROI.  Think big and your return on investment will be big.  Research in the humanities, social sciences and fine arts is essential to the advancement of our society.  And when it comes to advancing your own aspirations, U of A Arts grads have a 94 per cent employment rate five years post graduation and according to American stats, Arts grads earn $2,000 more than their science counterparts.

Reason #2

Impact.  An Arts degree gives you the tools to imagine how to change and improve the world. Arts graduates make a difference in all sectors of society from creating blockbuster computer games to addressing gang violence.  

Reason #1

Success. From the gamification of writing to creating prosthetics with 3-D technology, Arts is about innovation, creativity, award-winning research, excellence in teaching and ultimately, flexibility. We do not train for narrow career paths that might become obsolete.  An Arts degree, or a strong Arts component in your degree, helps you successfully navigate through the unpredictability of the 21st century.