Gifts to the Faculty of Arts support our students, faculty and programs, giving them the resources to create and discover. In addition to the Arts Fund, which allows the dean and department chairs to seize opportunities and fund the areas for the greatest impact, the Faculty of Arts has identified the following priority initiatives:

Enhance the student experience
Together we can ensure that Arts students graduate as engaged, global citizens by supporting scholarships and awards, programs that connect students with community organizations, and international and experiential learning opportunities.

Enrich research and creative activities

Philanthropy can enhance research and community engagement at the University of Alberta by establishing an academic position focused on a particular area of research, or supporting a lecture series that provides access to thought leaders and engages in public discourse.​


Community Service-Learning

Partnerships with local organizations provide opportunities for CSL students to learn about their community. As a requirement of a course, students do 20 hours of work on a project with a local group, gaining practical experience as they learn.


A Vibrant Community. A Supportive Partner

The study of Judaism is essential to understanding the history of Christianity and Islam, the world’s two largest religions. Your support will ensure Judaism is fully represented in the religious studies program. With your support, future students will have the opportunity to explore the rich traditions of Jewish culture. 


Arts Beyond the Classroom

Arts is offering students new opportunities to learn beyond the classroom, helping them transition from graduation into the workplace.


Ernesto Rizzi Memorial Fund - Supporting Cortona Students


Friends, classmates, and colleagues of Ernesto Rizzi are fundraising to support the Ernesto Rizzi Memorial Fund at the University of Alberta. 


88 Keys to Artistic Success


We are launching a campaign to raise the funds to purchase a new Steinway Model D concert grand piano to replace one of our aging pianos and ensure that we have exceptional quality instruments available for our students, faculty and visiting performers for the next 30+ years!
We invite you to join us in this effort and help us make our goal a reality. Your donation will help the Department of Music provide our students and faculty with an instrument befitting a world class institution.