Interdisciplinary Studies

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in our programs!

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate programs in Interdisciplinary Studies each have slightly different applications procedures. To learn more, please visit the UofA Calendar..

Graduate Programs

All graduate program applicants at the University of Alberta apply through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR). The portal opens on September 15 to accept applications for the following academic year. To start your graduate application, visit Apply for Admission or contact our Graduate Coordinator at or 780-492-4802.

Humanities Computing

Applications to the Humanities Computing program are processed through a central portal at the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.  

The deadline for applications is February 1 for all domestic applicants (Canadian citizens and permanent residents) and most international applicants. Please note that all materials, including letters of reference, must be submitted by this date.

The deadline to be considered for funding is also February 1. However, a series of entry scholarships are awarded on a rotating basis beginning on November 1, so the earlier your application is completed, the better your chance of obtaining one of these scholarships. Funding is not guaranteed to students and is awarded on a competitive basis.

International students from certain countries are strongly advised to apply by December 1 in order to ensure that study permits can be obtained. Countries where we have been experiencing significant delays with study permits include: Nigeria, People's Republic of China, and Iran. Students from these countries who apply after December 1 and before February 1 do so at their own risk.

Religious Studies