Meet our AWE Student Interns: Sydney Henderson

Our departing AWE students answer our questions

Marcie Whitecotton, Sydney Henderson - 29 April 2021

Our AWE (Arts Work Experience) interns have been with us a year and will be departing soon.  We asked them all some questions and these are Sydney’s responses to those questions!

  1. What was your favourite project that you worked on during your time in Arts?

My favorite project that I worked on during my time in the Communications and Program Support Intern role was an article about networking that I wrote called “Networking is like Dating (But Please Don’t Date Your Boss). A lot of my writing while I was in this role had to fit a certain tone. It was - for the most part - formal! I was writing promos for various programs, and while I did enjoy doing it, that kind of writing doesn’t exactly lend itself to the kind of creativity that I gravitate towards. As you can probably tend by the title of the article, I had a lot of fun writing it! I was able to use my voice and keep things light and (hopefully) funny while also providing advice about a topic that some people tend to find intimidating! 

  1. Your internship was done entirely during COVID. How did working remotely affect your work and the projects you worked on?

Working remotely was more of a challenge for me at the beginning. I had to work to try to find that motivation, where before it was easier to find while I was on-campus. Once I got used to it, however, I found that I really enjoy the independence! Being able to complete projects without leaving everything to the last minute is something that I used to have a real problem with (I was a procrastination pro), especially because when I had to create my own deadlines - I know that I am a total pushover! 

However, I did miss out on a lot of things having to work entirely from home. I never once stepped foot into my office, I didn’t get to do any event planning, and I missed out on meeting my coworkers in person! My experience in the Communications and Program Support Role was amazing, but I can’t help but feel like I missed out on some things. 

  1. What tips do you have for other AWE students just starting in the program?

Take advantage of all the programs and services that are at your disposal, from the Career Centre and beyond! There are so many, and an incredible team of people work very hard to make sure that students are getting the best possible experience from them. They’re there for you, use them! 

Besides that, take care of yourself. Your mental health is important, and I know from experience that things can get overwhelming sometimes. It’s okay to take a break, because odds are you are in need of one.

All the best Sydney, it has been great working with you this last year.

Interested in the Arts Work Experience program?  Go to their website for more information!