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Faculty of Arts Conference Fund

The Faculty of Arts Conference Fund supports hosting of conferences, symposia, or colloquia that contribute to scholarship and are hosted by the University within Alberta.  Funding for the Faculty of Arts Conference fund comes from the Office of the Vice-President Research.


  • Full Conference Fund Grants - Up to $2,000: Full Conference Fund grants are for conferences, symposia, or colloquia held on campus or in Edmonton
  • Off Campus Conference Fund Grants - Up to $1,000: Conferences, symposia, or colloquia held off campus (within Alberta)
  • Partial Conference Fund Grants - Up to $1,000: Partial Conference Fund grants are for conferences, symposia, or colloquia with three or fewer speakers for one day or less, particularly those focused on a single theme and targeted to a modest, essentially local audience.

The Faculty of Arts holds two competitions each year for the Faculty of Arts Conference Fund. 
Application deadlines are April 15 and October 15. Applications will be accepted until 4:00 pm.
If the deadline date falls on a weekend or stat holiday, applications will be accepted until 4:00 pm the following business day.

Eligibility: All continuing faculty members and graduate students, full or part-time, in the Faculty of Arts are eligible to apply for support of appropriate conferences, symposia, or colloquia making contributions to scholarship.  Conferences, symposia, or colloquia hosted by graduate students or student organizations must be co-sponsored by faculty advisors willing to undertake responsibility for the award.  

The fund may only be used to support conference organizing costs including: Honoraria to speakers; travel, per diem, and accommodation for speakers; space and equipment rental; reproduction of materials and proceedings; the hiring of conference organizing staff; and coffee, light food and light refreshments at conference events.  Conference Fund grants will not fund meals for participants.

The following types of events are not eligible for funding:

  • Consultative, strategic, or administrative meetings of research networks or working groups
  • Primarily internal events such as Faculty or Departmental 'Research Days'
  • Events associated with for-credit courses or sessions that aim to upgrade or enhance professional credentials

This fund does not support applicants to attend conferences.

Please see the Policies and Procedures document linked below for complete eligibility criteria. 

Applications should be submitted to:
Associate Dean Research
Faculty of Arts

Applications must be submitted electronically, as a single PDF with all required supporting documentation included. Hard copies or incomplete applications are not accepted and will not be considered for adjudication.

A final report is required for previous Conference Fund grants in order to qualify for future grants. If you are not sure if you have submitted a final report for a past grant, please contact



All forms and documentation have been updated as of August 30, 2018. Please ensure you are using the most recent version.