The Churchill Oxford Scholarship

Number: One (1)

Value: $15,000 per year for up to 3 years. Maximum up to $45,000.

Field of Study: Humanities and Human Sciences at Oxford University

Awarded annually to a student(s) with superior academic standing who is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta, to continue studies in the humanities or human sciences at Oxford University.
Award is subject to gaining acceptance to Graduate Studies in the humanities or human sciences at Oxford University.
Preference will be given to Canadian Citizens.

Application Procedure: Applications will be assessed by the Edmonton Churchill Oxford Scholarship Committee.

To Apply: All applications must include the following (in order):

  • A cover letter addressed to the Scholarship Committee outlining your area of studies and how your perception of Winston Churchill's ideals and place in history may factor in your proposed studies
  • An outline of the program of study and research that you wish to undertake, and the degree pursued
  • Two letters of reference from persons acquainted with your academic proficiency
  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • Evidence of application to Oxford University for doctoral study
  • Outline of other financial support applied for or awarded

All applications must be received electronically as a single PDF. Incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the committee for adjudication. Applications received in hard copy will not be accepted for adjudication.

Deadline for Application:4:00 PM, Monday, November 5, 2018

Submit to: Applications should be submitted electronically in PDF format to:

Tom Spalding, Associate Dean (Graduate)
c/o Meghan Huffman
Faculty of Arts - Office of the Dean

Hard copies will not be accepted for adjudication.

Questions about this opportunity should be sent to:
Meghan Huffman
Office of the Dean, Faculty of Arts

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