New BA Program

The Faculty of Arts is excited to announce that BA requirements will be changing starting September 2018.

With this change in requirements, students in the BA and BA Honors degree programs will have a more flexible, customizable degree.

Why change the BA?

We listened to your feedback.

Students now have the ability to customize their degree by taking courses that directly relate to their personal interest, career ambitions, and graduate interests.

This change ensures that our BA remains one of the top BA degrees in Canada.

Create your own path...

This flexible BA makes it easy for students to major or double major in their programs of interests, while having the flexibility of choice.

For example, students can incorporate certificates, Arts Work Experience (AWE) or Community Service-Learning options into their degrees.

Convocating in Spring 2018?

This change does not affect you as this is for students studying in the Faculty of Arts as of September 2018. Please continue to follow your calendar requirements.

What is changing?

In order for students to be able to take the courses they want and more easily declare a double major, complete certificates and participate in experiential learning opportunities, such as the Arts Work Experience program, we have changed the BA requirements to be more flexible.

Summary of changes:

  • 3 credits of junior level English required (reduced from the previous 6 credits of junior English required)
  • 6 credits of LOE (language other than English) waived if you have completed a language at the 30 level
  • 6 credits of non Arts courses required (previously this 6 credits had to solely come from the Faculty of Science)
  • Declaring a minor is now optional (but a major is still required)
  • Breadth and diversity categories (found in the BA requirements) have been removed

*For further details, please refer to the BA Tip Sheet

Who does the revised BA affect?

Students working to complete their Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Honors degrees in September 2018 and onward will follow the requirements of the revised BA.

Who is not affected by the revised BA?

  • Students who are convocating before September 2018.
  • Students who are NOT pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts Honors degree.

For example, Bachelor of Design students are not affected.

What are the advantages of the revised BA?

Students now have the ability to customize their degree by taking courses that directly relate to their career ambitions, graduate interests or personal interests.

The revised BA makes it easier for students double major in their programs of interest, while having the flexibility of choice to more easily incorporate certificates, Arts Work Experience (AWE) or Community Service Learning options into their degree.

I will be convocating after September 2018. What do I need to do now to prepare for the changes?

Become familiar with the changes that are being made to the basic requirements for the BA and BA Honors programs. All students who are registered effective September 2018 are subject to these revised requirements.

Plan your upcoming registrations accordingly. If you have any questions, please seek the advice of an undergraduate student advisor. 

Do I qualify for a waiver of the Language Other than English requirement?

If you completed a 30-level Language Other than English (or equivalent) in High School you qualify for a waiver of the requirement.  If you have not already taken the requirement you will take options instead. Do not exceed the maximum credits permitted at the Junior level and in your major(s).

Please note: When you see your LOE requirements in your Academic Requirements tool (found on Bear Tracks), it may not yet be updated to reflect that you have completed your 30 level language. We hope to have this completed shortly.

I am convocating in Spring 2018, but my Academic Requirements (AR) tool is showing me the new BA requirements?

If you are convocating in Spring 2018, please disregard the AR report showing your new requirements. You will be following the degree requirements before the new BA was implemented.

I need more help, what resources do you have?

We have developed a BA tip sheet which outlines the changes and will help you with registration. There is also a course registration tutorial video that we recommend students watch. 

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at