Study Abroad

Faculty of Arts Study Abroad Opportunities

Fieldwork in Anthropology

Fieldschool for Ethnographic Sensibility is a 6 week, 6 credit undergraduate/graduate course that the Department of Anthropology offers in Belgrade, Serbia. Belgrade will become your laboratory for developing ethnographic skills that attune you to the nonverbal, tacit underpinnings of every culture. We will encourage you to explore alternative and artistic forms of representation through writing, film, performance, and other arts in order to share your findings with others.

Mediterranean Archaeology

Travel during the summer months to places like Greece, Italy or Northern Africa to help U of A professors unearth archaeological sites dating back over 2,000 years. Spend three to six weeks learning skills such as on-site drafting, excavation and cataloguing techniques. Contact the Department of History and Classics.

Balkan Peace Program

The Balkans Peace Program (BPP) Summer 2015: International Development, Politics, and Post-Conflict Societies - Kosovo and the Balkans is an educational program that will provide students with the opportunity to spend about three weeks in Kosovo studying and learning about development in practice in a post-conflict area right in the middle of Europe.

This program is sponsored by the Department of Political Science.  Go to: for all the application details.

Ghana Summer Study Abroad Program

This summerprogram centers on the role of music (and all related performance arts -- dance, poetry, drama -- as well as visual arts, costume, design) towards promoting human development, either directly via specific development messages designed to change attitudes and behaviors, or indirectly, by enhancing social cohesion, building civil society, and strengthening cultural continuity . It will be centered at the University for Development Studies in northern Ghana and commence near the beginning of July 2017 ( July 1 or 2), approximately 5-6 weeks.

The 9 credit summer program comprises social science, humanities, and performing arts components and is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Music and dance performance is central, but no musical experience or talent is required to succeed. Community Service Learning (CSL) credit will be provided, as we work in partnership with a local NGO Youth Home Cultural Group. Refer to the website or write Michael Frishkopf (

Spanish in Granada, Spain

The University of Granada is situated in the city of Granada, in Spain’s southern Andalucía.  The last bastion of Moorish rule in Spain, Granada is still today marked by the confluence of Arab and Spanish culture, which makes it a unique and fascinating city to explore. Its proximity to other exquisite cities (e.g., Sevilla, Córdoba), and beaches (Málaga) provide exciting opportunities for excursions.  All classes are at  U of G’s Centro de Lenguas Modernas, which  is consistently ranked as one of the best foreign language programs in Spain. Housed in a beautiful sixteenth century building, it offers students a welcoming and supportive environment.

The U of A Russian Studies Program

An intensive year-long Russian language program. Spend four months in preparatory coursework at the U of A, then travel to Russia for four months of study at either the Pushkin Institute of Moscow, the Moscow Pedagogical University, or Saint Petersburg University. Contact the Division of Slavic and East European Studies in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies.

French in La Rochelle, France

Study French in a rich cultural and historic setting, famous for its architecture, scenery and cuisine. Students at this annual term-abroad program, which takes place in June, achieve fluency of a level that enables them to proceed with literature, translation and composition courses. For more information, contact the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies at 780.492.4926.

Ukrainian in L'viv, Ukraine

The Ukrainian Language and Literature Program is pleased to announce this year's annual travel-study courses in L'viv, Ukraine. UKR 300 and UKR 400 are intensive courses designed to enhance practical language skills through a direct experience of current life in Ukraine. The courses employ contemporary popular culture and media, taking maximum advantage of the urban L'viv environment to expand vocabulary and comprehension. All instruction is in Ukrainian. For more information, visit the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies.

e3 Summer Programs - Berlin, Brazil, Washington DC 

The University of Alberta's e3 summer programs offer students the unique opportunity to engage in three different experiences in one location, including language study, an internship placement, and academic coursework. You can combine up to three of the components, and choose to go to Curitiba, Brazil; Berlin, Germany; or Washington DC, USA. For more information, please visit

Harbin Summer Program

Learn Chinese and immerse yourself for four-weeks in Edmonton's sister city - Harbin, China! No Chinese language is required - absolute beginners to near fluent speakers are welcome. Earn up to *6 toward your degree! Funding guaranteed for all participants of this program. For more information, please visit the Harbin Summer Program page.