Experiential Learning

Students at Cortona experience the living laboratory of a small Tuscan hill town for an intellectually and culturally vibrant experience. In addition to this, all courses in Cortona include field trips to provide students with an up-close and hands-on experience of Italy.

Field trip costs, including transportation and hotel costs for overnight trips, are included in the course fees, so you don't have to pay extra. Field trips are scheduled for weekends in the winter term and on designated weekday field trip days during the spring sessions.

While our courses offer field trips to cities such as Florence and Rome, they are also designed to introduce students to some of the lesser-traveled historic towns and cities of the region, such as Chiusi, Siena, Arezzo, Perugia and Assisi. In some courses, students visit a local office of the anti-mafia NGO Libera to find out how civil society can combat organized crime, tour a prison in Perugia and meet with the leader of Italy's leading prisoner rights organization and travel to Siena or Florence to see the how the power of the Medicis is reflected in its frescos and architectural treasures. Others feature overnight field trips to the south to explore archeological sites such as Pompeii and Roccoglorioso.

Our courses also feature visiting speakers who bring their expertise into the classroom and provide a practitioner's perspective on subjects.