The Winter School

We regret to announce that, due to covid-19, our winter 2021 program in Cortona is cancelled.  Cortona fees are refundable in the event of a program cancellation.

The Winter School offers students a unique opportunity to spend the winter term in Italy in a program designed to provide a stimulating, multi-disciplinary foundation for programs in Arts and beyond. While it is especially designed for first and second year students, students in any year of their undergraduate program are eligible to apply.

Exchange the lecture hall for small seminars, intensive feedback and experiential learning through field trips and inspiring visiting speakers in the mentorship series, while making life-long friendships.

Students may take between three to five courses, including courses in Classics, Political Science, Art History and Italian. Through these courses, students discover how enduring ideas equip us to better understand our world and the challenges of the future.

The centrepiece of the academic program is the 3C seminar: Critical Thinking, Creativity and Complexity. This core seminar, which all students take, ties the themes of the courses together. It helps students build crucial skills of critical thinking, complex problem solving, writing and making interdisciplinary connections. Small class sizes, interaction and intensive feedback allow students to develop these essential skills. A mentorship series brings inspiring guest speakers to the classroom to share their stories about their expertise, career paths and life experiences.

You don't have to speak Italian to study in Cortona. The courses are taught in English and a conversational Italian course helps students learn enough to get by and introduces students to Italian culture. All of the courses are University of Alberta courses, so there is no need to arrange for transfer credits.