Application Information


Students from all Faculties, programs and institutions are welcome to apply. To be eligible for admission to the School in Cortona, you:

  • Must present an admission GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 (if applying for Spring Term). This GPA applies for applications other than those entering First Year.
    • The AGPA is calculated on all university transferable coursework completed in the most recent two terms of study if they contain a minimum of *24. If those two terms contain less than *24, all work in the next most recent term(s) is included in the calculation until the minimum total of *24 is reached.
  • Spring term applicants must have successfully completed a minimum 24 units of course weight (ucw) from a recognized post-secondary institution before the Cortona term starts. You may apply before these courses as completed.
  • Must be in full time studies. Students enrolled in Open Studies are not eligible.
  • Must meet Faculty of Arts English Language Proficiency requirements (for students from countries where the principal language is not English).
  • Must not be enrolled in full-year courses (if applying for Winter Term).

* Students from outside the University of Alberta are eligible and welcome to apply to the School in Cortona. Please see below for application instructions. To find out more, contact us at

** Students are welcome to attend both a Winter and a Spring term, but not in the same year as there are limits on the amount of travel days in the Schengen Area within a calendar year. For more information, please refer to our 'Visas' page.


For UAlberta students

Step 1
In order to be considered for the School in Cortona, you must submit an application through theUniversity of Alberta Horizons portal. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will be offered a place in the Cortona program.

Step 2
Applicants for both the Winter School and Spring term must pay a $250 non-refundable fee in order to secure a spot for themselves. 

If you are applying for both Spring terms I and II you are only required to pay one nomination fee however, you must pay a $500 deposit towards your second term accommodation fees in order to secure a spot in that term.

Step 3
Once your deposit or nomination fee has been received, your spot in the program will be confirmed and you will be able to select your accommodation type and courses. To complete your application, you must submit a medical clearance form completed by a physician.

For Non UAlberta students

Step 1
Non-UAlberta students interested in transferring credit from the Cortona School to their current academic programs must first apply for 'Visiting Student' status at the University of Alberta.

You must then submit an application to the School in Cortona and email a copy of your transcript to Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you will be advised on the process of applying to the University of Alberta.

Step 2
Students must contact the School in Cortona administrator directly at They will be asked to provide a "Letter of Permission" and official transcripts from their home institution as well as copies of transcripts from any other post-secondary institution that they have attended.

Step 3
Once we receive your application, you will hear from us within 5 business days. If you meet the academic eligibility criteria, you will be offered conditional admission. At this point, you will gain access to additional sections on Horizons and will need to have a medical clearance form completed by a physician.

Once the remainder of the application is received, you will be offered final admission.

Using Horizons

  1. Visit the Horizons page by clicking on the 'Apply' button. Click on 'Create and Account/Register for UGo' if applying or registering for the first time.
  2. You will be redirected to the 'Registrations' page. Please fill out all the required information as accurately as possible.
  3. After filling in your personal and academic information, you will be prompted to create a password. Please keep track of your password as you will be visiting the Horizons page multiple times throughout your application.
  4. Log back into Horizons after completing your registration and click on 'Search programs' on the overhead menu. Type 'Cortona' into the Keywords and then select the term (Winter or Spring) that you wish to apply for. Please note, Spring and Winter terms must be applied for separately.
  5. < After selecting a term, please fill out all the information asked for as accurately as possible. After filling in all required fields, click on 'Submit Application'. There is NO application fee. 
  6. After receiving your application, your GPA and course requirement will be confirmed and further information will be sent in 5 business days. Once Conditional Admission is offered, you must log in to Horizons and complete the post-nomination information.