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Program Costs


2016/17 Tuition Rates 

Updates to tuition fees for Winter 2018 are not currently available. Please refer back to this page for updated information in April 2017. In the meantime, please refer to the tuition fees for the 2016/17 year as listed below. These rates are also apply to international students.


Spring 2017

Winter 2018


*3 (1 course)

*6 (2 courses

*9 (3 courses)

*12 (4 courses)

*15 (5 courses)





$ 3750.48

$ 5000.64

$ 6250.80

Student Academic Support

$ 126.09

Student Health & Wellness

$ 30.66

Students’ Union Dedicated Fees

$ 43.96

Students’ Union Membership Fees

$ 42.73

Students’ Union Health Plan

$ 126.25

Students’ Union Dental Plan

$ 143.00




$ 4263.17

$ 5513.33


*NB. Will be less as non-instructional fees will be prorated for the Spring term rather than Fall/Winter.

Accommodation Rates

If you are attending one Spring session 2017:

# Students Per Room

Accommodation Cost

Single (1)


Double (2)


Multiple (4-5)


If you are attending both Spring sessions 2017:

# Students Per Room

Accommodation Cost

Single (1)


Double (2)


Multiple (4-5)


*Please note that if you attend both sessions, this fee does not include accommodation for the nights of May 26 and May 27. If you are attending both sessions and are planning on staying in Cortona during this time, please email to discuss options.

Winter 2018:

# Students Per Room

Accommodation Cost

Single (1)


Double (2)


Multiple (4-5)



Do you need help with funding?

As you can see, studying abroad in Europe is expensive. Previous students have struggled with financing their trip, but those who have managed to do it unanimously say the same thing once they return: it was worth it.

The good news is that since you will be registered in UAlberta courses on Beartracks, and will be paying all tuition to the University, you qualify for regular student loans (just like when you are taking courses here in Alberta). As well, the Student Connect office can provide assistance on other sources of funding. Or, speak with your local bank/financial institution. They can provide you with a number of creative options to help you make this a reality. As well, the Registrar's Office website has additional helpful advice on how to finance your studies. Make sure you check out their Financial Assistance page.

You can also apply for individual travel awards as UAlberta International provides education abroad awards. Go to and click on the “Getting Funding” link for further details.