Undergraduate Programs


Admission to the Faculty of Arts is competitive. For 2015/16, the minimum admission average was 72% for entry into the BA degree program.

Searchable Program Requirements.

Alberta Grade 12 Courses

  1. English Language Arts 30-1
  2. Four subjects from: Biology 30; Chemistry 30; a Fine Arts Course (only one Fine Arts course may be presented for admission); Aboriginal Studies 30; Social Studies 30-1; Mathematics 30-1; *Mathematics 30-2; Mathematics 31; Physics 30; Science 30;  Computer Science - Advanced Level CTS (5 credits); 30-level language other than English.

*Mathematics 30-2 may be used for admission to the Faculty of Arts. However, only one of Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2 will be accepted.     

** In order to maximize their future program and course choices, all students are encouraged to present a broad range of courses across the Humanities and Sciences.

*** More than one language other than English may be accepted.

  1. See additional requirements listed in the Notes below for specific majors and minors.


  1. For a major in Economics students must take Mathematics 30-1. Presentation of Mathematics 31 is recommended. Mathematics 30-1 does not have to be included as one of the five 30-level courses used for admission, but the major requires courses for which Mathematics 30-1 is a prerequisite.
  2. For a major in Mathematics, students must present both Mathematics 30-1 and Mathematics 31. Mathematics 30-1 and Mathematics 31 do not have to be included in the five subjects used for admission, but the discipline requires courses for which Mathematics 30-1 and Mathematics 31 are prerequisites.
  3. For a major in Political Science students should present Social Studies 30-1.
  4. For a major or minor in Psychology students should present Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2.
  5. Students intending to transfer to the School of Business must present Mathematics 30-1 (at time of transfer request into Business). Some of the courses required for admission to the school require Mathematics 30-1 as a prerequisite.
  6. For a major in Planning students must take Mathematics 30-1, as well as Social Studies 30-1 and English 30-1 as three of their five admissible courses. Other requirements include a written statement outlining an interest in Planning, including any relevant volunteer or work experience. This statement must be submitted to the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences by May 1. 

    Please Note: admission to this major is competitive and Alberta students may be given preference.

  7. For admission to the BA Environmental Studies, students must have: English Language Arts (ELA) 30-1; Biology 30; Mathematics 30-1. Choose one of Social Studies 30-1 (Recommended); 30-level language other than English. And choose one of Chemistry 30; Computer Science - Advanced Level CTS (5 credits); Mathematics 31, Physics 30; Science 30; Social Studies 30-1; 30-level language other than English

  8. For a minor in Arts and Cultural Management, applicants must submit a letter of permission directly to the Faculty of Arts.

For more information on equivalent subjects or general information on the U of A, check out the Registrar's Office Prospective Student page