Arts Leadership Cohort Floor

Resident Living-Learning Opportunties

The Faculty of Arts wants your educational experience at the U of A to extend beyond the classroom. For that reason, we have partnered with Residence Services to establish a living-learning community option in Lister Centre that will offer you a unique opportunity to live within a themed cohort of students. Residence cohort programs have produced very positive results on many campuses across North America, improving the overall student experience by facilitating academic and personal growth.

What is a living-learning cohort?

Living-learning cohorts are groups of approximately 45 students within residence who are specially selected to live on the same floor together during the academic year. Cohort members are engaged in activities specific to their interests - both learning and social opportunities.

Why participate in a living-learning cohort program?

Living-learning cohorts provide you with:

  • an instant community of like-minded students
  • an easier transition to university
  • a way to get involved with your university
  • access to unique opportunities specifically geared towards the interests of floor members
  • skills for university and for your future career
  • fun and friendships!

Arts Leadership Cohort
The Arts Leadership Cohort is designed for students who want to get involved in their community, develop their leadership skills, and have an impact on campus and in the greater community. Cohort members will:

  • have a desire to be an active leader
  • want to work collaboratively with other students on projects that enhance the student experience and give back to the community
  • be dedicated to creating a vibrant leadership community in residence

As a member of this community you will be involved in the planning and organization of activities for the cohort. With a little support and guidance from your Floor Coordinator and faculty mentor, you will get to direct what you do and how you do it! The floor will be supported by the Faculty of Arts with resources and advice.

Some possible activities your cohort might plan include:

  • volunteering at the food bank or a shelter
  • planning a speaker series for residence on global issues
  • fundraising for the charity of your choice
  • whatever else the cohort decides!

So what do you get for your participation?

  • connections with the cohort faculty mentor and upper-year student floor mentor
  • a chance to manage your own cohort program budget
  • involvement with other campus organizations
  • a chance to connect and develop friendships with other like-minded student leaders and make a real difference in the community around you!

Cohort members will live alongside a designated Cohort Leader and a Floor Coordinator, both of whom are equipped with the skills to help facilitate the transition into university life, and will also be designing academic and social programming specific to the needs of the cohort members. Programming can include:

  • cultural events and celebrations
  • professor-hosted chats on topics relevant to the global interests of floor members
  • Study groups and academic workshops

How to participate:

1. Apply to a U of A Faculty of Arts Degree Program (
2. Apply to live in residence, Lister Centre option (
3. Check your University of Alberta e-mail for an invitation to apply to the cohort programs. This should come about one month after you apply for residence.
4. Complete the application for the Arts Leadership Cohort Floor.