Undergraduate Programs


The Faculty of Arts offers students certificate programs which can be completed in conjunction with their degrees. These certificates offer you the opportunity to enhance your understanding of particular topics and gain more credentials to assist you when you enter the workforce.

(Note: Certificates are only granted at the time of graduation)


Students will take a structured package of courses designed to develop their ability to take a global, interdisciplinary perspective, to give them practice in putting their learning to use in practical projects, to cultivate their ability to work with others, to adapt their choice of values, directions, and goals, and to foster a sense of community engagement and global citizenship. 

Community Engagement Service-Learning

Gain formal recognition of your community service-learning experience by applying for a Certificate in Community Engagement Service-Learning, the only certificate of its kind in Canada. Having this certificate on your transcript will set you apart from other graduates and indicate to employers that you’ve got what it takes to immerse yourself in their community.

Computer Game Development

The Computer Game Development Certificate is a joint certificate between the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science and is open to students enrolled in any bachelor degree program in a U of A faculty. This certificate provides an advantage to students seeking a career working in either an existing game company or starting their own independent studio. The certificate has a focus on both the technical and theoretical aspect of game design and includes courses such as CMPUT 250 – Computers and Games; CMPUT 350 – Advanced Games Programming; STS 350: History of Video Games and WRITE 397: Creative Writing for Video Games.

Certificate in the Economics and Management of Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment (EMNREE)

The purpose of this certificate program is to offer economics undergraduate students access to a structured program in the study of the economics and management of natural resources, energy, and the environment. This Certificate is designed to provide students with a unique cross-disciplinary look at related economic, business, and public policy issues. Students will have the opportunity to take classes with students having different viewpoints and academic training on these issues and will develop business and analytical skills that are applicable to the natural resources and energy markets, and acquire a broad understanding of the resource and energy industries. At the same time, the links between resource and energy questions and environmental issues are examined.

European Studies

The European Studies Certificate encourages and enhances student knowledge and engagement with nations, cultures and ideas in Europe. It encourages the development of new learning opportunities abroad and linkages with educational institutions in Europe for undergraduate education and opportunities for collaborations in teaching and research. Students participating in this program will increase their knowledge of European cultures, literatures and ideas, politics and history, leading to better understanding of political and cultural identities and differences. They will do so on a multidisciplinary basis, providing them with skills and knowledge for employment opportunities, further education, and active, engaged, socially responsible citizenship. And they will be encouraged to study abroad, gaining valuable experience living and learning in Europe, which for many students will be a transformative experience.


The Certificate in Finance is valuable for students interested in opportunities in finance,
controllership, investment analysis in corporations and government enterprises, banks, insurance
companies, government financial regulatory agencies, and other organizations specializing in
financial affairs. Topics include the study of investors’ choices among financial investments (securities), business asset management, choices among methods of financing assets, and risk management.

Globalization and Governance

Available only to those students who are majoring or minoring in Political Science, this certificate is the perfect opportunity for students interested in the challenges presented by globalization to explore this area more fully and develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics impacting governance and policy.

International Learning 

Available to students in all faculties, this certificate offers students an opportunity to diversify their degree by integrating academic, co-curricular and intercultural experiences to develop skills that enable students to work more effectively with people of different cultures. Graduates of this certificate will have gained knowledge of international and global issues, understanding of interconnectedness of global systems and the knowledge of other countries and cultures.

Military Leadership

The Faculty of Arts offers a Certificate in Civil - Military Leadership. This Certificate has arisen out of a partnership between the University of Alberta and the Canadian Armed Forces.  The Certificate has been designed to provide students with knowledge that bridges the gap between highly specialized military training and academic enrichment.

Peace and Post-Conflict Studies

This certificate program will introduce you to the world of diplomacy, humanitarian interventions and peace building. Through interdisciplinary courses and internships, you will learn how to design strategies for building sustainable peace in war torn areas of the world.

Translation Studies

As with all of our certificates, students can pursue this certificate while fulfilling the requirements of their major and minor. This certificate does not prepare you to be a full-fledged translator but it does provide the foundation for pursuing further training in the profession. Furthermore, since the certificate puts an emphasis on cultural literacy, student who complete its requirements will have honed their skills in their area of specialization and be ready for many types of careers.

Certificate available to majors or minors in:

  • French
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian

For more information on Translation Studies, please refer to:
Chinese or Japanese - http://www.registrar.ualberta.ca/calendar/Undergrad/Arts/Honors-Major-Minor-Requirements/44.9.html#44.9 and scroll to 44.9.4 or contact uofaeastasianstudies@gmail.com

French, German, Spanish, Ukrainian - http://www.registrar.ualberta.ca/calendar/Undergrad/Arts/Honors-Major-Minor-Requirements/44.20.html#44.20 and scroll to 44.20.5 or contact mlcs@ualberta.ca

World Sound Arts

A Certificate in World Sound Arts centres upon sounds, techniques, and disciplines from beyond the standard western music conservatory: electroacoustic music, popular music, jazz, world music, music technology, ethnomusicology, and the sociology of music. The Certificate provides recognition of musical training relevant to careers in media arts production, audio design, videogame music, sound arts curation, archiving, online digital music repositories, arts organization, community advocacy, public sector work, and music technology.

Interested students can contact Michael Frishkopf, Associate Professor, Department of Music for more information