What is International Learning?

The Certificate in International Learning (CIL) celebrates and recognizes the international achievements of University of Alberta undergraduate students. Whether it's a telecommunications internship in India, field research excavations in Eastern Europe, community development in Tanzania, or-closer to home-living in the diversity of International House--all these experiences can be recognized under the CIL. This Certificate is open to undergraduate students in all faculties. Students are encouraged to enroll for the Certificate as early as possible in their degree program.

Why add this certificate to your degree?

The CIL is a stand-out academic credential for students, a competitive international edge in an increasingly connected world. Get recognized for your international knowledge and skills; expand your worldview and gain knowledge in global issues; develop intercultural communication skills; and showcase your international and cross-cultural experiences.

What experiences are involved in obtaining this certificate?

  • CIL orientation gives students the opportunity to clarify program requirements, meet other CIL students, and explore and practice intercultural communication concepts.
  • A choice of 6 weeks abroad, 100 hours of cross-cultural employment or volunteerism in Canada, or 1 year living in International House.
  • Completing two choices from: participating in co-curricular activities (lectures, I-Week, student group service, volunteering with UAlberta International), second language competency (*6 units or moderate fluency), and Intercultural communication training.
  • Completing a personal reflection capstone project

What additional courses are required?

★12 in approved courses, from at least two different disciplines. In the interest of emphasizing diversity, students are encouraged to focus on intercultural content courses from a culture other than their own. Click here for a list of current courses