What is Engaged Leadership and Citizenship?

The certificate is designed to develop students' ability to take a global, interdisciplinary perspective, to give them practice in putting their learning to use in real-world projects, to cultivate their ability to work with others, to articulate their choice of values, directions, and goals, and to foster a sense of community engagement and global citizenship.

Why add this certificate to your degree?

This certificate demonstrates a student's commitment to the values of engaged citizenship and their capacity to work in diverse and interdisciplinary settings on a variety of projects.

What experiences are involved in obtaining this certificate?

Students completing the certificate will participate in interdisciplinary courses and potentially, through the Community Service-Learning component, complete a project with a community partner.

What additional courses are required?

Students may pursue the Certificate in Engaged Leadership and Citizenship in Arts and Science by fulfilling existing requirements for majors, minors or honors in their respective disciplines and by completing *12 of coursework as follows: (see Calendar for course descriptions)

Certain courses in Arts or Science with a CSL component may be used to satisfy one of these requirements - please contact ARTS Undergrad Student Services for more information.

How to be awarded the certificate?

Students must apply for the certificate, through Undergraduate Student Services in the Faculty of Arts. Please contact Undergraduate Student Services directly.