What is Peace and Post-Conflict Studies?

This certificate program will introduce the student to the world of diplomacy, humanitarian interventions and peace building. Through interdisciplinary courses and internships, the student will learn how to design strategies for building sustainable peace in war torn areas of the world.

Why add this certificate to your degree?

A Certificate in Peace and Post-Conflict Studies will equip students across a number of faculties and disciplines with the knowledge of the complexity of instituting measures that address underlying sources of conflict and provide them with hands-on practical approaches to sustaining peace.

What experiences are involved in obtaining this certificate?

Students in Peace and Post-Conflict Studies may select from a list of approved courses across several faculties and departments, including Anthropology, History, Native Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Religion, and Women's and Gender Studies. Students may also choose to pursue a related internship with a non-profit or university partner - see current opportunities here.

What additional courses are required?

Students must complete 27*, including 21* at the senior level, from the list of approved courses located in the university Calendar.