What is a Research Certificate in Arts (Psychology)??

Research is a core component of the Department of Psychology, and there are various opportunities for students to become involved in novel supervised research. Students pursuing a BA in psychology are eligible to complete the Research Certificate.

Why add this certificate to your degree?

Students can develop practical research and critical thinking skills that are applicable to both post-secondary employment opportunities as well as the private sector. This embedded certificate program is designed to provide undergraduate students with official recognition for substantial engagement in research and acquisition of research skills.

What experiences are involved in obtaining this certificate?

Pursuing a Research Certificate in Psychology provides opportunities for students to engage in authentic and focused research, under the mentorship of faculty members, over the course of one's Bachelor's degree. Conducting research fosters the development of an in-depth knowledge of psychology, as well as valuable real-world project and data management skills, useful for many career paths.

What additional courses are required?

Please see the list of eligible courses in the university Calendar.